GMS6231 - Genomics and Bioinformatics

(3 credits)

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Principles of genomic characterization and bioinformatic analysis of eukaryotes, including an overview of analytical platforms, computational tools, experimental design, analysis methods and databases used to study DNA sequence, gene expression and protein levels.
COURSE OBJECTIVES: Understanding the principles of genomic analysis of eukaryotes at various levels (DNA, mRNA and protein), and bioinformatics methods used in these analysis.
MEETING PERIODS: Tuesday (11:45am-1:40pm) & Thursday (11:45am-12:35pm).
WHERE: UFGI 451A (4th floor of UF Genetics and Cancer Research Complex, between the Cancer and Genetics wings).
OFFICE HOURS: By appointment.
COURSE PREREQUISITES: STA6166 (Statistical Methods in Research I) and PCB5065 (Advanced Genetics), or permission from the instructor.
COURSE SYLLABUS: View complete course syllabus.

A Primer of Genome Sciences (3rd edition, 2009), by Greg Gibson and Spencer V. Muse, Sinauer Associates, ISBN: 0878932321 (not required). Please note that this book can be purchased online as an eTextbook.

Required reading will be indicated by the instructor throughout the semester.
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Week 1 - DNA sequencing and alignment
Week 1 - DNA alignment - continued
Week 2 - DNA Alignment
Class notes - January 22 2013
Week 3 - Genome annotation and gene discovery
Class notes - February 5 2013
Class notes - February 7 2013
Outline for transcriptomics section
review of hypothesis testing
Experimental Design
quality control
differential expression

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  1. Carneiro et al., 2012
  2. Lam et al., 2012
  3. Loman et al., 2012
  4. Quail et al., 2012
  5. Clark et al, 2011
  6. Chatterjee et al, 2012
  7. Langmead et al, 2009
  8. Langmead et al, 2012
  9. Paper discussion 3 - First paper Paper discussion for January 31
  10. Paper discussion 3 - Second paper Paper discussion for January 31
  11. Paper discussion 3 - Third paper Paper discussion for January 31
  12. Paper discussion 1A
  13. Paper discussion 1B
  14. Paper discussion 2
  15. Paper discussion 3
  16. List of references
  17. April 5 paper discussion Please send me pros and cons of this paper before class
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The students need to complete a user agreement prior to be given access to the Fisher cluster. Access to the cluster is required for the course because several exercises will be done in that environment. User agreements need to be turned in to the instructor during the first week of class. To become familiar with Fisher and the rules for its usage, please see this page. Please note that fisher can only be accessed from inside the UF campus network. In order to access fisher from outside, please use the VPN client provided by UF IT services.

Students are also required to install JMP Genomics on their personal computers. Please contact Joseph Kelly for information on how to obtain and install the software.
  1. Please download and install the following programs:
    PuTTY (Windows)
    WinSCP (Windows)
    CyberDuck (Mac)
  2. Introduction to the Unix command-line
  3. A Unix reference card.
  4. SAM format specification
  5. SNP calling with SAMtools
AssignmentDue date
experimental design file
Dr. Sixue Chen
Department of Biology
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Cancer & Genetics Research Complex, Rm. 438
Phone: (352) 392 3277

Dr. Lauren McIntyre
Department of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
College of Medicine
Cancer & Genetics Research Complex, Rm. 116
Phone: (352) 273 8024

Dr. Matias Kirst (Course leader)
School of Forest Resources and Conservation
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Cancer & Genetics Research Complex, Rm. 320
Phone: (352) 846 0900

GRADES: 40% Exams (3 exams on DNA sequencing, transcriptomics, and proteomics, equal weight)
40% Projects (4 projects, equal weight)
10% Article discussions
10% Class participation
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